Terms and Conditions

May 11, 2021

The following is applicable to the use of the website, the Software, the products and services of MeetingtoDocs, hereafter M>D, and it’s affiliates.

By clicking the “I Agree” tick-box before entering the Video Conferencing Portal and/or the Web portal you confirm that you have red and understood these ToUaS and all parties involved are bound by it’s implications.

Within the service portfolio of M>D third party services are included. In the SAAS (software as a service) method of delivery we notably use the Google ASR API, the Google Firebase toolkit, a Chrome Extension and Jitsi VideoConferencing . The latter is implemented on the proprietary server and platform of M>D. The scope of this ToUaS is limited to the part of the services that are the sole responsibility of M>T. For the functionality that M>D is integrating from other parties and sources we refer to the ToUaS of these third parties, notably Google an Jitsi.

The M>D services may also be implemented in an on premise version, that is on the private ICT infrastructure of a client, maybe using other third party software eg MS Azure or Nuance ASR engines. For these type of implementations the ToUaS here described are not applicable and a customized version will be compiled.

M>D will normally provide its services as a SAAS as it is at the moment it is used by the client. M>D is free to change and enhance functionality at any moment, without further notice. M>D may introduce new functionality as a Beta version, a version not fully mature and bug free.

At some moment you will be asked to register as a client by choosing a login name (an Email address), a name and a password. These data are used for identifying the client within the system. The client may supply some extra data like role and company. These fields are not required.

The M>D platform provides for an audio recording mechanism, where every participant of a meeting is individually recorded on the clients own (laptop) computer. These recordings are automatically send to the M>D server for latter transcription in parts of about 10 minutes each. The user is aware of this mechanism and agrees with this functionality.

The user is informed within the video conferencing screen when the recording is engaged. The host of the meeting can activate, pause and end the recording for transcription, while being in the videoconference. The user may mute and unmute the microphone of the users computer and may thus control what parts of the conversation are not to be recorded. If the client chooses not to be recorded he/she is advised to leave the videoconference.

All data that are acquired by using the M>D platform – account data, audio recordings, AutoTranscript, EditedTranscript and Summary – are the inalienable property of the client. M>D will never disclose these data to any third party unless it’s forced to do so by law, where Dutch and European law are applicable
The client is fully responsible for the use of the services of M>D being compliant with the laws of the country that are applicable. M>D can not be held responsible for infringement of intellectual property and privacy by the client when using the M>D platform.

The client is responsible for all content that is transmitted or made available through the M>D platform. The content should not violate any third party rights, such as copyright.

The client is prohibited to use M>D for any illegal activity, as means of communication, content distribution platform or otherwise.


Terms of Service

In some aspects the quality of the service may depend upon the quality of the internet connections of the users.

The quality of the AutoTranscript generated after the meeting, made using the individual local recordings of a user, is not affected by the quality of the internet connection as the recordings are locally made on the computer of the client.

In case of a temporarily disconnection from the internet, the recordings are not lost. They may be retrieved from the clients computer until days after the videoconference has ended. Please contact M>D support in such a case.

The video quality is directly depending upon available internet bandwidth. In poor conditions video and/or audio connection may be temporarily lost.

For simultaneous/real time subtitling (not a standard feature) the M>D platform will dynamically control bandwidth resources to ensure the best possible quality of subtitling. Bandwidth is used preferably for optimum audio quality and the thereon depending captioning. If there is not enough bandwidth available the accuracy of the subtitling will plunge.

M>D cannot be held responsible for the diminishing quality of service due to internet malfunctions.
M>D has several back-up mechanisms in place to recover recordings when internet connection has been lost over a longer period of time. Please contact M>D support when this occurs.

The quality of the AutoTranscript maybe also affected by the quality of the microphone of the clients computer. In case of poor quality of audio and thus of the -audio recording, the client should use an external microphone, preferably close to the mouth and with unidirectional sensitivity. In most cases a simple telephone headset will do the job.

The quality of the AutoTranscript is also affected by users speaking unclear, in a dialect, or in grammatically incorrect sentences.
In some languages, but not in all, the AutoTranscript comes with some form of interpunction.

The recording functionality may be affected by the quality and age of the computer of the client.

M>D cannot be held responsible for any defects or poor quality of service due to reasons mentioned above.

The AutoTranscript produced by M>D is quite accurate but not a hundred percent correct. The M>D workbench enables the user to edit and correct the AutoTranscript while listening to the original audio. M>D may not be held responsible for mistakes in the AutoTranscript and can not be held accountable for mishaps or other forms of damage due to an inaccuracy in the AutoTranscript or EditedTranscript or Summary of the meeting. Content that is recorded and/or edited using the M>D Workbench is communicated at the full responsibility of the client.

The Recording, AutoTranscript, EditedTranscript and Summary of a meeting are stored on our servers for a period of 6 weeks, after which these data will be automatically removed. The user may also remove the date himself. After the data of a meeting are removed the M>D platform holds only the transactional data. On request of the client M>D can extend the period the data of meetings are stored. The client is responsible for a timely back-up of the data of a meeting, eg by transferring the data by means of an Email or USB stick. The M>D workbench provides for this type of functionality.

It’s the clients responsibility to safeguard the data on the M>D platform for unauthorized use or spreading. The M>D platform allows a host or chair of a meeting to transfer the duty of a secretary to a third person, even someone who did not participate in the meeting. The security aspects remain always the responsibility of the client who assigns such duties to others.

In a customized and/or on premise version of the platform M>D may implement a sophisticated security authorization system based on security levels per subject/meeting tag.

In no case M>D can be held responsible for damage due to security breaches, caused by clients inaccurate security management

M>D will take all reasonable precautions, physical and technical safeguards to prevent unauthorized disclosure of or access to Content, in accordance with industry standards. M>D will notify the client if it becomes aware of unauthorized access to Content. M>D will not access, view or process Content except (a) as provided for in this Agreement (b) as authorized or instructed by You, (c) as required to perform its obligations under this Agreement; or (d) as required by Law, as implied by Dutch or European authorities. M>D has no other obligations with respect to Content.


The clients has two options for payment.
A payment per meeting. The M>D web portal calculates the cost for an AutoTranscription and further use of the M>D Workbench before the actual process of AutoTranscription. The client is informed about the costs and these will be deducted from the balance associated with the account upon approval. If needed the client will be asked to top up the balance, by means of credit card or other form of online paying method. The client may ask for the refund of his balance at any time.

Larger organizations that are regularly using M>D as SAAS, may use the central billing function of M>D. One account that pays the bill of many users within that organization. For those central billing accounts the client may ask for billing per the end of the month.

There is no subscription fee or other type of long term agreement between M>D and it’s clients.

For any account that makes payments to M>D, the VAT identity must be confirmed. M>D needs to know clients residency, whether client acts as a private person or as a company and when acting as a company its VAT number. The client be aware that these VAT related data and data concerning payments are shared with the Dutch tax agency, as implemented by Dutch and European law.

For all disputes between M>D and it’s clients, Dutch and European law is applicable.

Privacy Policy

How come, there are companies selling or leaking privacy sensitive information out of information systems….It’s making  you…us…very angry.

So let’s be very clear: we will never, ever,  by no means, make any information that you entrusted to the MeetingtoDocs platform  available to third parties.  It’s your data and yours only….

Our own staff can only access bits of  information on a strict need-to-see bases.  All staff has signed a non-disclosure statement.

Our servers are installed in a state-of-the art secured environment.


We are using third party technology e.g. out of the box Speech-to-Text engines, running on servers outside our own infrastructure.  So we have to refer to the privacy policy of third parties like Google and Nuance. If this doesn’t suit your needs, you may consider private on premises servers completely controlled by your organization. Please contact us for more information.

We operate under Dutch law, also for the services that are delivered outside Holland. We have – and wish – to comply with all legal implications this involves. This means that we have to disclose information, when forced by Dutch law….and will do so.

And still…we do our utmost to guard your privacy sensitive data…all of your data… but sorry, we can’t be held responsible for leaking of data due to circumstances beyond our control.

Please contact us for further explanation.