Meetings were every word matters

Mostly meetings with a legal impact. M>D produces a typically better than 95 percent accurate AutoTranscript, that can be easily enhanced to a 100 percent accurate transcription. The combination of the transcript and stored audio is a perfect permanent storage – iron archive – of meetings with a critical content.

Search engines are capable of retrieving all sorts of valuable information from this stored content. Please consult us for this type of add-on functionality. We have in house NLU and NLP expertise.

Critical data maybe stored with tags concerning field of expertise and security level. Data search is restricted and can only be done by personnel that has the appropriate security clearance for the applicable field(s) of expertise.

Large organizations may use this sort of functionality for knowledge clustering

Larger organizations dealing with legally critical information may want to have an inhouse, on premise installation of M>D on their own servers. No data has to leave the confinement of the corporate ICT infrastructure. Please consult us for this option.

Just the ordinary, everyday meetings

Where M>D is foremost a productivity tool. It greatly facilitates the task of compiling the minutes of the meeting.

The original Audio is stored, so in case of a dispute about what is said and by whom, the hard evidence is at hand.

The participants may easily retrieve the most valuable or critical information themselves.

Video conferencing and/or physical meetings

M>D was originally designed for the old school meetings were people sat together in one room. The 2020 Covid pandemic changed all that, so we combined the then already existing functionality with a state of the art videoconferencing platform.

But we still have and maintain the functionality for M>D recording within  a classical conferencing system.

The standard M>D may be used for meetings where some of the participants are sitting together in one room while others are on remote locations. The meeting is set up as a normal videoconference, all participant behind their own laptop. The users that are sitting in the same room, have to use a headset of some quality and must sit at least 1,5m apart.

When there comes a time when it’s normal again to have a meeting in the same room, we will re-release the version of M>D with advanced crosstalk filtering. People can sit in the same room, all participants behind their own laptop. No need to set up a video conference.

On premise

Larger organizations may want to have their own in house and on premise implementation of M>D for security reasons. No data will have to leave the ICT infrastructure of the organization.

Banks, Insurance companies and government organizations with extensive interaction with their clients can have their own implementation of M>D under their own brand name.

We may provide add-on functionality like a checklist for standardized interviews, to be combined with the  appropriate phrase-sets that will be used for AutoTransciption in the vocabulary module.

The M>D platform can be fully integrate within the existing ICT functionality of an organization, allowing real-time data access and retrieval from and with existing resources.

This requires an in house implementation of the videoconferencing platform, with no further technical implications.

The Speech to Text Engine to be used in such a set up will also have to be fully stand alone and on premise. There are several such StTE available.

The core technology of M>D may be adapted to the corporate standards that are applicable.

Please contact us for in house on premise implementations.