Privacy Policy


How come, there are companies selling or leaking privacy sensitive information out of information systems….It’s making  you…us…very angry.

So let’s be very clear: we will never, ever,  by no means, make any information that you entrusted to the MeetingtoDocs platform  available to third parties.  It’s your data and yours only….

Our own staff can only access bits of  information on a strict need-to-see bases.  All staff has signed a non-disclosure statement.

Our servers are installed in a state-of-the art secured environment.


We are using third party technology e.g. out of the box Speech-to-Text engines, running on servers outside our own infrastructure.  So we have to refer to the privacy policy of third parties like Google and Nuance. If this doesn’t suit your needs, you may consider private on premises servers completely controlled by your organization. Please contact us for more information.

We operate under Dutch law, also for the services that are delivered outside Holland. We have – and wish – to comply with all legal implications this involves. This means that we have to disclose information, when forced by Dutch law….and will do so.

And still…we do our utmost to guard your privacy sensitive data…all of your data… but sorry, we can’t be held responsible for leaking of data due to circumstances beyond our control.

Please contact us for further explanation.