Advanced Webportal

The MeetingtoDocs platform is a combination of an App and a Webportal.  Each participant in a meeting  is individually recorded by the app on his or hers own device.  A clever handshaking procedure groups the participants for a meeting.  The initiator of a meeting  (the chair or secretary) starts, stops and pauses the meeting.  Participants may accept a phone call while being on the meeting. Recording will restart automatically after the phone call is ended.  Participants may leave early or come late ( booooo, but functionality is there…)

Download the IOS App

Download the app and start right away.

Create Meetings

Keep track of the recording

During the meeting , the screen of the App shows  who (name, function)  is talking….in real-time, for all participants on his own screen.

Submit audio files

When the chair ends the meeting the recordings are sent to our Webportal, where the individual recordings are AutoTranscribed. The Speech-to-Text engine produces a  transcription per participant thus per voice. The quality of the individual transcript is superb,  compared  to a transcription of multiple voices in one recording.

Edit in Webportal

The text-bytes are aligned in time and merged into one document, the AutoTranscript of the meeting.
This AutoTranscript is good – but not perfect. You may edit the AutoTranscript manually, using the editor on our Webportal and while listening to the original audio.  Finally you may create the minutes or notes of the meeting  by copy-pasting parts of the transcript, also facilitated on our Webportal.
All the thus created documents can be Emailed to participant and third parties involved.
Saves a lot of time and effort.  The original recordings are always at hand: who said what… when…exactly….it’s  beyond doubt, with MeetingtoDocs.